​ECO Friendly Design
​Green construction is a topic that dominates the headlines these days, but at Carpenters of Georgetown, we are creating eco-friendly homes long before they became mainstream.  In fact, we have incorporated more geothermal heating and cooling systems in our speculative homes than any other customer home builder in Washington DC.

Our certified "green" architects utilize common sense practices to design energy conserving, healthy and sustainable homes.  We filter through the thousands of "green" products on the market to provide real solutions and maximize our clients' return on investment.

We design/build new homes and retrofit older homes with innovative green technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of operating costs while also providing a safer, healthier home environment. We take pride in creating "thoughtful" houses that implement a common sense approach to green design.  Our clients enjoy the many benefits of green innovation without incurring unnecessary expenses. Most of our homes are known for incorporating eco-friendly characteristics without sacrificing design and functionality. 

As an all-in-one entity, Carpenters of Georgetown consistently provides impeccable results on time and within your targeted budget.